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Suggested books

Should we use books?

From my experience using books is a total go. I mean, from my state of view, where else would i get my knowledge?

There are many good books available on the net. If you find one you like, and it covers a bit of your distro also, then go for it, i'd say. Right now, i'm reading the Ubuntu unleashed 2011. (but i've got other one's too. I'll bring them along)

My suggestion --Ivom 22:36, 26 February 2011 (CET) : take Junior level as starting point. Divide the subjects and have the members available choose one or more subjes AND prepare 5-9 meetings to talk about the subjects. Shared effort, might do the trick here to get us on the same level of expertise in the long run; Everyone has to study for it some part, prepare a lecture and host it.

To take the lpi junior level as a starting point, can be a good idea. But to host a lecture about it? Wouldn't it make the whole workshop a bit "academic"? Or how would you go about this? I for one, know already that with the start of my 2 new modules i will be attending @ CVO, there will be very little time left to learn about Linux, let alone write a lecture about it. Ofcourse this is temporary situation ofcourse...

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