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*What day's are most handy for you guy's
*what subjects would you like to follow
*should we use/follow an existing cours/book as guidline, which ???
== Sugested books ==
*Bash cook Book.
*running linux
*Ubuntu unleashed 2011
== Discussion on the day it will be held ..  ==
Jobj Preferes Monday evening or saturday evening
Tom preferes friday, saturday, wednesday evenings.
==Should we use books?==
From my experience using books is a total go. I mean, from my state of view, where else would i get my knowledge?
There are many good books available on the net. If you find one you like, and it covers a bit of your distro also,
then go for it, i'd say.
Right now, i'm reading the Ubuntu unleashed 2011. (but i've got other one's too. I'll bring them along)

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