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Let us start the discussion here.


Feedback: What did you think of Fragfest?

Let us know. :P

It was fun. :) Could have switched games though, to warsow perhaps. Maybe when I arrived there you had already played Warsow, dunno. :P


the problem with warsow wa that i was at home so i needed a way to connect :-p



I could help you with all of these tests but I won't be available until after my exams (which is Tuesday 5 June at the earliest).


Which games

--Tom 08:25, 4 May 2012 (CEST)

Just saw a few of them on Youtube. The following games look great and get my votes up:



I suggest we start collecting the installers to get ready for the event.


Voordat ik ga wil ik zeker weten of de nodige infrastructuur aanwezig is.

Hebben wij:


Fragfest second day

Fragfest was fun. Will continue on saturday the 19th of may. --001

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