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|Locations=Den Bunker,
|Short description=Sticker swap program
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
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*091 Labs, Galway, Ireland
*091 Labs, Galway, Ireland
*Tetalab, Toulouse, France
*Tetalab, Toulouse, France
*Fixme, Lausanne, Switserland
*Fixme, Lausanne, Switzerland
*Bitlair, Amersfoort, Netherlands
*Bitlair, Amersfoort, Netherlands
*Shackspace, Stuttgart, Germany
*UrLab, Brussels, Belgium
*Trollhöhle, Darmstadt, Germany
'''More hackerspaces are always welcome to join!'''
'''More hackerspaces are always welcome to join!'''

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Sticker exchange
Sticker swap program
Den Bunker



There have been a couple sticker exchanges, but most of them are organised from the US, which means it is quite expensive to mail the stickers there, and it's also expensive to get them back. That's why I was thinking about organizing a sticker swap based out of Europe, and more precise Belgium. (This doesn't mean I want to exclude American hackerspaces, it would be cool to see some of them sending in stickers as well).


There has been a doodle to see if people are interested ( ), and those hackerspaces already confirmed they are interested:

More hackerspaces are always welcome to join!

How is this going to happen?

You can pass by at voidwarranties when we are open and drop of 200 stickers (or less is also possible, but the more stickers the more fun!)
or you can mail your stickers to:

Ward De Ridder
Mastenhof 34
2560 Kessel

Pay attention, this is not the address of the hackerspace, I will collect the stickers at home since we don't have a mailbox over there.

Make sure to let me know the return shipping address. If you send stickers please also send me an e-mail (42 - at - with how many stickers you are sending, this way I know how many hackerspaces to expect.


Make sure the stickers are shipped before December 15, 2012 (post stamp), that way I can ship them in the beginning of January.

Price (for the return shipping)

This can be payed cash enclosed with the stickers or you can pay it using paypal (+5%) or bank wire. (I will give you the details if you send me an e-mail, I don't want to put them here).

If you regulary visit other hackerspaces you can maybe ship the stickers together, return shipping will also be cheaper this way (contact me using e-mail for this)

Any questions?

Feel free to contact me by e-mail: (42 - at -

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