September 2010

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September 23

Workshop by Mitch Altman

Anyone can learn to solder and make cool things with microcontrollers! Come to Voidwarranties and Mitch will teach you to solder and make any number of fun and intriguing open-source projects, that you can take home with you.

Turn off TVs with TV-B-Gone, trip out to your brain waves with the Brain Machine, play games, LEDcubes, make art -- microcontrollers can do all this and more. Mitch will have plenty of parts for fun and intriguing open-source projects, organized as simple kits that anyone can successfully complete and take home.

This is for all ages and skill levels. Mitch can also help you with your projects so advanced users are welcome. Refs: Cornfield Electronics ("maker faire" tab) Mitch Altman has taught thousands of people to solder at workshops he has given at hacker conferences, Maker Faires, hackerspaces, and schools all over the world.

The workshop is free to members of VoidWarranties or an other Hackerspace (HSB, 0x20, Wolfplex) and members of Josto. Others pay a small fee of 5€. This doesn't include used materials (like the kits Mitch brings).

The space will be open at 19:00, the workshop begins around 20:00

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