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I found a RasperriPi Image containing an LTSP client. With this, we can connect RaspberriPIs to the screens on the workbenches and create cheapo thin clients for residence use by members who didn't bring a laptop.

This replaces the current MultiSeat setup, which has been partially scraped to source the 4GB RAM to put in the server.


  1. Download http://www.berryterminal.com/dl/berryterminal-20120602.zip
  2. Open CMDLINE.TXT on the FAT partition and append " server=" (without quotes, but WITH the space before server).
  3. Put SD card in RasPi
  4. ...
  5. PROFIT!

Known Issues

Password/username must be entered in QWERTY keyboard layout on RasPIs - will be fixed when I rebuild the image.

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