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Meeting minutes August 18th 2010 +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes March 02 2011 +Weekly Meeting
Meeting minutes March 09 2011 +Weekly Meeting
Meeting minutes March 16 2011 +Weekly meeting
Meeting minutes March 23 2011 +Weekly meeting
Meeting minutes eight +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes five +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes four +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes nine +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes one +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes september 15 2010 +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes september 22 2010 +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes september 29 2010 +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes september 8 2010 +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes seven +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes six +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes ten +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes three +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes three.something +Monthly meeting
Meeting minutes two +Monthly meeting
Meeting platform hacker en makerspaces Antwerpen +De eerste meeting met verschillende ge├»nteresseerden om een gezamelijk hacker/maker platform en eventueel werkruimte op te richten in Antwerpen.
Meeting sunday 20 June +Monthly Meeting
Midi-day +The idea is to bring everyones synths midi devices sound stuff etc... together so that we can do stuff around midi and music.
Mini-cnc workshop +The who-what-how questions surrounding the CNC_Router , that was created by FabLab Gent, but this incarnation was built by Voidwarranties members
Monthly Meeting 2013-05 +The monthly event to speak up, tune our collective musing and introduce change of course. Non-members are always welcome to this event.
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