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Januari 2011 +Workshops in Januari 2011
Josto Quiz +Vorig jaar 2de plaats, dit jaar...
July 2011 +VoidCon pre-meeting


Kerstmarkt Josto 2013 +Kerstfeest, vrede op aarde enz.
Kids soldering workshop +Leer leuke elektronica gadgets solderen Learn to make and solder elektronic gadgets


Lang leve de oogst (workshop) +Leer hoe je je oogst het best bewaart (Steriliseren, drogen, zouten, inkuilen…)
Lentepoets +Na een paar maanden stof verzamelen en een goeie tijd, wordt het tijd om te oogsten. 'Puin ruimen', zou ik het zeker niet willen noemen... Dit is een werkweekend voor het Muggenberghof. De space kan wel een grondige poetsbeurt gebruiken...
Let's figure out how to etch those PCBs +We have a lot of material in the space to etch some PCB's. Let's try to make this work!
Let's rewrite MALMan the s(e)q(ue)l 2 +Malman urgently needs to rewritten, if you'd like to join you're more than welcome!
Lil p0wny Workshop +A workshop focused on the remote exploitation of a vulnerable machine in a laboratory environment. It assumes that you have basic general computer's skills and takes you into a journey to makes you a level 1 script kiddie.
Lino printing +Voidwarranties Opening event
Linux Workshop number 4 +Please prep some questions you have while reading the suggested chapters (agenda points) from the LPI 101 book for dicusssion. From your input we will select the chapter or chapters which will take most of our time.
Linux Workshop number 5 +The fifth Linux workshop.The last one regarding the first book. Please prep your questions in advance.
Linux Workshop number three +The inevitable 3rd LPIC-1 101 session
Linux workshop numero due +The inevitable 2nd LPIC-1 101 session
LunarEclipse +Lunar Eclipse/WirelesAntwerp Node Watching


Making Noms: Sushi 1 +Make your own sushi. Zelf sushi maken.
Making Noms: Sushi 2 +Learn to make your own sushi. Leer zelf je sushi maken.
Mame +Voidwarranties Opening event
Math 0 +We refresh our math knowledge
Math 1 +We refresh our math knowledge
Math02 +We are going to discuss, learn and practice equations. An example of an equation is: 2x = 5.
Meeting 2 Hx2 +Meting regarding HX2 at CCC Camp
Meeting minutes 12 +Monthly Meeting
Meeting minutes 13 +Monthly meeting
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