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Getting the bunny in the space alive again and make it usefull.
Den Bunker

Breaking news!: De nieuwe eigenaars van nabaztag hebben een nieuw platform op om de oude nabaztag terug tot leven te wekken! Zeker iets om woensdag mee te prutsen :D

Meer info hier: [1]

More to come soon, I'll just post some mind bubbles of mine:

- nabaztag company went bankrupt, but has been taken over by ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS and is now known as Karotz (nabaztag generation 3 and up)

- when violet went bankrupt they took their servers down with them, leaving the nabaztag to malfunction and basicly become useless.

- ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS revived the karrotz project and sells them, but hasn't made a public accessible nabaztag server. However, there is A source for running a server is available at [2] or you can use a the original code used on the violet servers: [3] OR I could just google for someone else's server and try it there (perhaps [4]).


Configuration server:

I've registered our bunny at you can login using voidbunny's serial number: 00:19:db:00:0d:11 This is only for testing now, later on I plan to host our own server.

Nabaztaglives limitations:


To configure, follow these steps:

now connect to the wireless a/p of the bunny (nabaztag11 ssid)
surf to to get the config page.
The server ip of our private server is
when you press submit, the a/p will go away and the bunny will try to connect using following colour codes:

bottom leds:
1: Wifi connection (red/green)
2: Dhcp
3: dns lookup of the server

top led: connection to the nab server.

The bunny is now working on the official (beta) servers again. To use it:

E-mail: kefcom [@T] hotmail [D0T] com Password: ************ (since we're allowing bots to crawl, I think it's not a good idea to keep the password here, pm me if you want it.)

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