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Volunteers needed for:
Volunteers needed for:
*Website / Flyer design
*Website / [[File:Flyer]] design
*Pers representative
*Pers representative
*Pro Photographer
*Pro Photographer

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1. Logo: After more then a few weeks of discussing we have chosen the voidwarranties barcode logo. Firemonkey Will provide a final vector Logo


2. Opening 2a. Timing

  7 Aug 2010

2b Reservation policy:

  reservation required for all workshops before 31 july

2c Workshops (Not final):

  Barbeque (Speaker Wouter (HSBXL))
  Lino Printing (Speaker Yashiko)
  Build your own basic AM radio (Speaker Firemonkey / Stef )
  Introduction & discussion regarding the Hackerspace accounting & library management software  (Speaker Firemonkey)

2d Talks (Not final): (20 min max)

  Wirelessantwerpen (Guest speaker)
  Electric Go kart  (Speaker Aliekens)
  GSM Networks (Koert)
  T-shirts led (Guest spreaker) 

3 Marketing strategy

  Create a few nice t-shirts for the voidwarranties members.
  Front-end of the we.voidwarranties website. (To be discussed)
  Radio commercial opening (To be discussed)
  Print some flyers / posters (To be discussed)

Let us know if you want to give/change a talk or workshop. We'll discuss it at next wednesday meeting. It think we should also do a workshop / talk regarding ict security

Firemonkey => Kan er iemand anders de workshop build your own radio geven ? (2 Workshops na elkaar is nogal veel)

Agenda Mokup:

Idea's for discussion panel


Volunteers needed for:

AND Last but not least our sponsors:

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