Meeting minutes February 2 2011

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* HackSquare
* HackSquare
* Possible workshops
* Possible workshops
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* Stickers
** We want stickers with our logo
** So Kristel doesn't have the logo yet
** Ilias will send the logo to Kristel
* Wiki
** Job is working on it
** There are some things he isn't able to do, because of insufficient access apparently
** We have to ask Stefan for more rights
** Ilias suggests moving to nucleus
** So we have to put Stefan, Job and Ilias in the same room together, to work this out and see what is possible (Kristel will get out her whip and make it happen)
**Domeinen zijn geregistreerd (.com en .net)
Stefan => kan jij de vhost file aanpassen voor .org plz
* Fosdem/ByteNight
** So far Jobs car is full
** Koert can drive as well if needed
** If you want to go, put it on the carpoolpage
* HackSquare
** For an elaborate description, bugger Kristel
** feb 20th there is a meeting in revspace (about the lounge area)
** march 6th there is general meeting, in revspace as well
** We got a mail about it from Koen Martens; it's on the mailinglist, those interested can find it there
** Basically it's a challenge to build something interesting (with a €5000 prize)
** How many blankets can we buy for €5000? :P
* Hack in the box
** Kristel got a mail about it from randomdata (I think it was on the mailinglist as well, not sure though)
** There is a challenge there as well to build something, There is prize money as well, no details in the mail though
** Apparently noone was planning on going
** It would be nice if someone went though, but it's during the week
* Possible workshops
** welding workshop
*** enough interest in it
*** Jeffrey suggests dividing it in two parts: small and big stuff
*** Kristel will do the small part, she has the knowledge and some of the materials
*** We'd better not do both on the same day
*** Soldering can be done in Den Bunker
*** The actual welding should be done elsewhere (see mailinglist discussion)
*** Participants will have to pay in advance because the materials are relatively expensive
** cocktail workshop
** hackers on a plane will/might drop by
** Arduino workshop
*** timelab will do a basic course end feb or march (payable)
*** some ppl are interesting in going, Kristel will put info on the mailinglist
*** does anyone know where to order arduino's?
*** we'll not order arduino's as VoidWarranties but ppl can order together ofcourse
** Some workshops on security can be given, but not before april
* Summerevent
** Meeting after this one
** We had some suggestions for names
** VoidCon is the winner
* Blankets
** Job bought two fleece blankets
** Ivo wants to make VoidWarranties merchandize with them
** There are several suggestions
* Membership fees
** Those who paid are on the list, those aren't on the list haven't paid
** Koert will make a list if those who pay regularly
** Kristel will try to contact the rest to inform them that they are on the verge of not being considered members anymore
* Club Mate
** Club Mate is disappearing without being paid for
** or other drinks ofcourse
** I am counting them again as from now
** We have to find a better solution.  Let everyone think about it for a week and we'll discuss this again
* Entrance
** We need something to indicate where the entrance is (I'll start working on this next week -> kristel)
** We need a doorbell
* Stickers
* Stickers
** We want stickers with our logo
** We want stickers with our logo

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Meeting minutes February 2 2011
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From 2011/02/02 07:00:00 PM to 2011/02/02 11:00:00 PM

Den Bunker

Herrystraat 22, Deurne, Belgium

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Stefan => kan jij de vhost file aanpassen voor .org plz

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