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Makerbot Thing-O-Matic
3D printer
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Yashiko, Oddly
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Thing-O-Matic instructions


Who is Vettige Swa

Building the printer

How does this thing work

Turning it on


This must be done every time you turn on the printer

place it about 1 cm above the heated bed, but in the middle of the x and y axis

until the extruder head touches the heated bed (gently) make current position zero close control panel File > scripts > calibration >thing o matic calibration.gcode Gcode> build ctrl+B Option halt: continue build? > yes ...>ok

Printing a testmodel: File> examples>20 mm calibrationbox stl you'll see the model gcode>generate>/usr/bin/python2>ok the settings: do not touch until we figured the optimal settings Plastic: 1,82 extruder 0,4 printtemperature:230 ( it appears that the extruderhead is too hot on this temperature, the safety switch for the extruder head turns of, and starts to cool down) we'll try it on 220 generate now the different steps will be shown, you can see the different layers click buttons on the bottom of the page now wait.................... here's your gcode >gcode>build the machine will first heat up and then start building automaticly

progress log: gcode> gcode generator> skeinforge (47) works much better then skeinforge (50) printing results are much smoother and nicer

regulary clean the extruder head with a fine sandpaper to remove the build up and burned abs

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