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Linux Workgroup
We teach our selves linux
Tom, Jeffrey, Jobj, Wim, Koert, User:Ivom
Den Bunker



The goal here is, to study the in- and outs of the GNU/Linux system and discuss your findings and vent your personal musings at the planned saturday evening, with whatever came up during your endeavour.

To guide yourself, please delve into the LPI certification project. In March 2011 we kicked off Junior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-1). Initially you might not feel like a junior, but get the documentation and find the right level that suits you :) Keep on reading...

Schedule (yes, there could be some template out here soon)

We meet on saturday on a bi-weekly schedule (yes, you are hard-pressed to keep up to speed). The schedule is as follows:

First class

Second class

The LPI-2 is the next set of inof after these two saturdays, but we have to discuss if we want to continue this way. Please vent :)

Z participants

Knowledge Jeffrey

I've been messing around with Linux for years, and usually I get the things done with some research.

Everything I know I've learned by myself (by experience). Hence I wouldn't call myself an expert.

I think I'm still missing some global background, so some extra education is welcome.

Examples of things I've done before:

Things I want to learn more about:

Knowledge Tom

I've been using Linux for 2 years now. I've got Linux installed on 2 laptops and one netbook, and it's on my desktop in a vm. (reason for that is that i need Win7 for school). The goal would be to make the switch, after finnishing school.

I would describe myself as a novice.

I received some teachings @ CVO (module netwerkbeheer 2), about linux, but they covered mostly basic stuff.

As there was;

I'm reading and learning about Linux on my own for now. (the progress i make, depends on how much work i have to do for school) I have some knowledge about vim (i know how to use it, but that's it, didn't want to go for emacs..Looks a bit scary..)

The things i would like to learn more about are mostly the same as Jeffrey's.

Knowledge Jobj

Knowledge Wouter(antwerp)=

Knowledge Ivom

Knowledge You?

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