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* Keeping the space cool and without moist
* Keeping the space cool and without moist
* Hacker community
* Hacker community
* Some kind of photography workshop (pinhole camera,...)
==Games and brakes==
==Games and brakes==

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16 July 2011

VoidWarranties Summer Event


Goal is to promote the existence of the Antwerp hackerspace to the local public and host lectures and workshops for the hacker and maker community.


1 day Saturday .. July 16th

The Organizing comitee


This summer event is organized by: Yashiko => , Koert => , Ilias => , Jobj => , Ivom => you?

Talk to us by the above links depending to you concern.

We will do everything to organize this void-warranties summer-event for you without hassle. That is part of the magic. You will make new friends, see new things, drink new drinks, sleep new sleeps. The logistics, BBQ-preps, workshops, talks, press- all were happening automatically. Enjoy!

However, we may ask you to help us out during the event, just in case there is too much stress for us... add yourself voluntarily in advance, things are going to be less heavy on our shoulders that way


N.B.: Remember those parties you organized yourself? Not getting into it, because of organizational issues and didn't get the return you wanted? Well, you'll join relieve the stress, by jumping in when things are happening. You will not regret is!




Think about people you know that might want to give a workshop that fits the Event

The endless list of interesting workshops and talks

Games and brakes


Possible names for the event: VOIDCON is the winner!

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