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organising the hx2 lounge @ ccc cmp 2011
Yashiko, Jobj
RevSpace, Den Bunker, CCC Camp
Meeting Hx2, Meeting 2 Hx2

organising the hx2 lounge @ ccc cmp 2011



organising the hx2 lounge @ ccc cmp 2011


Theme: oasis



Ther is a general workgroup with folks from all the hackerspaces in the Benelux. This is their wiki

Workgroup from VoidWarranties

Lounge tent

What do we need

  > it will be the Eth0 lounge tent 
  > Size: 10x20 meter
  > BOMULL-> ikea 1,49€/m
  > they can be colored with dylon or we could do a light projection with changing colors on them.
  > goedkoop te vinden in de kringloopwinkels en bij de Marokaanse meubelwinkels
  > LACK-> ikea 4,99€
  > SOLSTA PÄLLBO-> ikea 
  > NORDEN BANK -> ikea 
  > plant
  > plant
  > plant
  > plant
  > plant
  > plant
  > The bar from the Eth0 Lounge can be used again. Maybe paint it in a matching color (red, orange, ocre or deep purple. An Arabic patern can
    be laser cut in wood and can be fixed onto it.   
  > What drinks: Belgian beer (on the tap or in bottles), Softdrinks, Club Mate,...
  > Fridges
  > Need of running water and elektricity
  > Cups or glasses to serve the drinks 
  > Kitchen sinks or tubs for the dishes
  > Small bar materials: towels, bottle openers, brushes for the glasses,...

Lounge outdoor & pond

What do we need

Smokers lounge

I see it as a part of the outdoor lounge. With the same stools and tables.


BBQ spot

What do we need

what do already have of materials

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