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| IP
| IP
| barputer.void (
| Port
| Port

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How to play music
There is an MPD server in the space, here is a short howto to connect.


Basic information

Name value
Service MPD
IP barputer.void (
Port 6600 (default)
Password none

Playing music

Using Linux, windows or Mac


I use the program Ario here, you can find it at the ubuntu market, or you can download it here. There are alternatives like gmpc, Glurp, Sonata, Gbmol, ....

1. Connection

This are the settings you need to setup (second step in the wizard): Ario Settings.png

2. How it works

You should now see something like this: Ario start.png

Top right you find the volume from the music player.
In the playlist tab you can find the webradios that are configured on the server, if you want other webradios add them on your local computer in the internetradio tab, or ask someone with access to the server to add it to the server playlist.
If you double click the radio station it will appear in the playlist at the bottomn of the page, the webradio you selected will start playing.


There are many programs like DroidMPD, MPDroid, ...
You can find the settings above.

Play your own music

Yet to be documented

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