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VoidWarranties Head Quarters


Herrystraat 22, Deurne, Belgium (warning.png"<div><span class="errorbox">Fatal error: Parameter location must be a valid location.</span></div><br /><br />" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. )

Events at Den Bunker

Upcoming events

SoftWare Freedom Day 2014, Monthly Meeting September 2014 + AV, Cryptoparty 11 2014

Passed events

Meeting minutes one, Januari 2011, Meeting minutes two, Meeting minutes three, Meeting minutes four, Meeting minutes three.something, Meeting minutes five, Meeting minutes seven, Meeting minutes six, Meeting minutes eight, Official Openingday, DIY AM radio, Satellite technology applications, Wireless Antwerpen, Hackerspaces in Belgium, Security fails of the year, Hackerspace erp software, The internet of things, BBQ-party, Cybercockroaches, What the hackerspace, Meeting minutes nine, Meeting minutes ten, Meeting minutes 12, Meeting minutes 13, Hackersace erp software, Meeting sunday 20 June, Mame, August 2010, Schedule, GSM networks 101, Arduino playground, Opening, Party, Lino printing, Meeting minutes 18/08/2010, Meeting minutes August 18th 2010, Meeting minutes september 8 2010, Meeting minutes september 15 2010, Meeting minutes september 22 2010, September 2010, Meeting minutes september 29 2010 More...

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