December 2010

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26 december

X-mas party @ voidwarranties To kick of a week of fun we'll have us a x-mas party. Good food, drinks (lot's of gluwine), cool tunes,...

Who get's the x-mas tree?

Food and drinks:

Christmas party attendee's
Name Payed €15
Jobj No
1 x -
2 x -
1 x -
1 x -
1 x -
1 x -
1 x -
Totaal €0

27 december - 30 december

Live streaming of the presentations @ 27C3 For everyone who couldn't make it to 27C3 in Berlin. There will be live streaming of the presentations from the 27C3 in the space. So instead of everyone sitting home alone watching this event we get together and watch it together and do some fun stuff.

what do we need do get the streaming up and running:

any ideas what we can do for fun stuff besides watching the presentations:

If you have no idea what 27C3 is, here a clue ;) : 27C3

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