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|Attendees=Koert, Jeffrey, Jobj, User:Thouters, Koen, Noah
|Attendees=Koert, Jeffrey, Jobj, User:Thouters, Koen, Noah
Here is a list of tutorials that might be a startingpoint for building up basic knowledge.
[ resistors]
|points=*Getting the programming environment installed
|points=*Getting the programming environment installed

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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Arduino 101
Arduino workshop basics
From 2011/03/05 01:00:00 PM
to 2011/03/05 05:00:00 PM
Presenters (3):
Jobj, El Presidente, Koen
Attendees (6):
Koert, Jeffrey, Jobj, User:Thouters, Koen, Noah
Den Bunker

Herrystraat 22, Deurne, Belgium




Here is a list of tutorials that might be a startingpoint for building up basic knowledge. resistors

Agenda points

please but your name on the list if you like to order som aruino equipmnt

Orders Arduino

check list to get an idea what you can order
In fact we can get all arduino and Ada Fruit kits (at Hackerspace prices)

Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting:

As usual the workshop is free for Hackerspace Members but it is BYOA. (Bring Your Own Arduino)
Overview of Arduino(clone) Prices
We'll get something organized so people can order there Arduino in advance (watch the mailinglist)

If there is interest in an more in-depth Workshop this can be added or organized separate... This workshop is intended to get people kick-started with Arduino's

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