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All the books we have are in a database (except for the magazines we got from someone) The idea was to add a page to malman where you can (read: have to) indicate you borrowed a book (or books). I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to put something on the barputer to allow you to do that.


The idea is to make it possible to put money on your account, and then pay for your drinks from your account. Now either we really trust eachother, or I have to find a way to let you identify yourself. The same system could be used for the library thingie above(if one is ever made).

My first thought was to give everyone a (laminated if you like) piece of paper with a barcode that you would have to scan to "buy" a drink (only if you don't pay cash ofcourse). Now this has some disadvantages:

My second thought was to make you choose your name from a list or whatever, and supply your malman password. This has some disadvantages too:

Any suggestions anyone?


I mean physically mounting the computer and screen etc, not mounting drives.
We should find a place for the keyboard as well (and possibly the mouse, as long as the edges of the screen are hard to reach and/or we need the right mouse button). Or do without a keyboard alltogether, but that would limit what can be done with the barputer (which is a valid option ofcourse, but this should be discussed).

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